U.S. Capitol image - List of steps: 1. Getting Started in Government Contracting.

"CIRAS has provided us with the education, confidence, and support to grow our business through government contracts.
If not for the CIRAS education and support, we would not have pursued these opportunities."

- Len Hoogerwerf, Owner, QC Analytical, Le Claire

How to Get Started Selling to the Government

The CIRAS APEX Accelerator is the “go to” resource for any Iowa business seeking to sell products or services to the government – whether a company is a beginner in search of the basics or a more experienced company seeking to improve performance.

We help de-mystify the process as a business gets started on (and throughout) its government contracting journey. Federal, state, and local governments are going to continue purchasing what they need. We want to help Iowa businesses capture those opportunities!

Our staff engage with clients to educate about the key steps required before they can begin selling to the government. These include:

Let us help create a customized service plan for your business and help you achieve government contracting success!

To get started with Government Contracting 101 or to schedule a no-cost assessment, complete the APEX Request for Counseling form or contact your Regional Government Contracting Specialist.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: