U.S. Capitol image - List of steps: 4. Bid/Proposal Guidance.

"CIRAS has been integral in assisting our company with navigating the federal and state information for bidding.
The personnel are very knowledgeable and helpful."

- Chris Boel, Climate Solutions

How to Bid on Government Contracts

Preparing bids and proposals can be an overwhelming part of breaking into government contracting. Guidance from CIRAS specialists can help Iowa companies save time while learning how to bid on government contracts and increase the chances that businesses submit a winning bid.

The CIRAS APEX program exists to serve as an advisor for any participating Iowa business. We walk companies through the process and help ensure they submit complete and proper bid documents to the correct agency in the most efficient manner.

APEX government contracting specialists cannot write proposals for companies. But we can help:

To seek guidance in bidding on government contracts or to schedule a no-cost assessment, complete the APEX Request for Counseling form or contact your Regional Government Contracting Specialist.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: