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"We didn’t know where to begin. CIRAS provided us with the education and tools to navigate the world of government contracts, simply and completely."

- Dale McKinney, M Plus Architects

How to Grow Business through Government Contracting

What happens after a company has mastered the bidding process and conquered the RFQ?  What if they are looking for other opportunities to grow? Experienced companies who understand the basics of selling products and services to the government sometimes decide to pursue more complex forms of business with federal agencies.

CIRAS APEX specialists provide a range of advanced contracting services that can guide these clients as they work to broaden their horizons and take their government contracting pursuits to the next level. Working with the CIRAS APEX team on complex contracting issues allows Iowa businesses to focus limited resources on other areas of expertise while leveraging the extensive CIRAS network. CIRAS experts can use their connections, research capabilities, and institutional knowledge to improve business success.

CIRAS will provide customized training and one-on-one counseling to assist clients in their understanding of advanced topics, such as federal preference programs and partnership options. Beyond initial registrations and comprehension of bid opportunities, CIRAS will meet with clients to understand their specific goals and leverage our diverse experiences to maximize the company’s contracting potential.

Among other things, CIRAS APEX specialists can:

To seek CIRAS guidance with government contracting services or to schedule a no-cost assessment, complete the APEX Request for Counseling form or contact your Regional Government Contracting Specialist.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: