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Trainer discussing productivity tools at an event in a manufacturing company.

Productivity Services for Iowa businesses

Every business has its challenges, from difficulty finding workers to a perpetual need for more capital and/or better technology. One way to deal with those disadvantages is simply to get better at what the business is already doing.

CIRAS offers a wide variety of services focused on helping Iowa businesses become more productive. From Lean manufacturing techniques to designated quality programs and enhanced training, CIRAS experts can help a company put itself on a path of continuous improvement. We will assess what the business needs, educate staff on appropriate research-proven tools, and provide support until the company sees permanent, positive change.

Food, Feed, and Grain Regulatory Assistance for Iowa Businesses

CIRAS works with partners across Iowa State University to offer a full suite of food safety and quality services focused on helping Iowa food companies grow their businesses. Our services include: Regulatory food safety education and implementation coaching: CIRAS is committed to helping Iowa companies become better educated about food safety and more prepared to handle … Continue reading Food, Feed, and Grain Regulatory Assistance for Iowa Businesses

Implement Lean Processes in Business

Successful process improvement requires a two-pronged approach: Improve the process while simultaneously listening to and developing the people who are closest to the process. When you engage team members in improving the processes they touch, you increase the likelihood of sustaining the change and improve employee morale and retention. CIRAS offers a variety of services … Continue reading Implement Lean Processes in Business

Implementing ISO 9001

Today’s ever-changing world carries with it ever-changing expectations. From food safety to sustainability to information security, society increasingly expects more from its largest corporations. Large manufacturers feel increasing pressure – from stockholders, competitors, customers, and government regulators – to do more to guarantee that their products are safe and of high quality. As a result, … Continue reading Implementing ISO 9001

Improve Manufacturing Operations

Modern manufacturing is a rapidly-evolving industry, and the complexity involved only grows as a business develops over time. CIRAS experts can help Iowa companies find the tools they need to meet challenges as they arise and plan for the challenges they can’t yet see. CIRAS provides customized services to help Iowa manufacturers of all sizes … Continue reading Improve Manufacturing Operations

Use TWI to Develop Leadership Skills of Supervisors

Given the demand for skilled employees in Iowa, developing a company’s management team to become more effective leaders is a key step in attracting and retaining top manufacturing talent. Iowa businesses need to be able to get the most they can out of employees they already have. Training Within Industry (TWI) consists of three standardized … Continue reading Use TWI to Develop Leadership Skills of Supervisors