Instructor teaching students how to use a CNC machine: Training Within Industry.

"There is no group of human beings who are more positively associated with positive outcomes than first line supervisors."

- Tom Peters, 2010 Iowa Advanced Manufacturing Conference.

Use TWI to Develop Leadership Skills of Supervisors

Given the demand for skilled employees in Iowa, developing a company’s management team to become more effective leaders is a key step in attracting and retaining top manufacturing talent. Iowa businesses need to be able to get the most they can out of employees they already have.

Training Within Industry (TWI) consists of three standardized programs that teach essential skills needed by all employees, regardless of industry, who are responsible for the work of others:

Each of the TWI programs uses a “learn by doing” approach to solve real problems, practice skills learned, and coach students for implementation in the workplace. TWI’s three programs have shown documented benefits including:

To seek guidance about Training Within Industry or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Project Manager Steve Wilson.

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