Continuous improvement experts review a value stream map at an Iowa Lean Consortium training event: Lean.

"'To any company that’s thinking about embarking on a Lean journey - everybody will tell you that it’s really, really hard,' Kyser said. 'But it’s kind of like a rocket ship. To get that thing off the ground takes a lot of energy. But once it’s up and orbiting, it hardly takes any energy at all. One of the joys I get out of it is just seeing employees go from reluctance to showing initiative. People will support what they helped create."

- Rick Kyser, Gilcrest Jewett Lumber

Implement Lean Processes in Business

Successful process improvement requires a two-pronged approach: Improve the process while simultaneously listening to and developing the people who are closest to the process. When you engage team members in improving the processes they touch, you increase the likelihood of sustaining the change and improve employee morale and retention.

CIRAS offers a variety of services focused on helping Iowa businesses improve productivity via process improvement and the development of its people:

Some of the common process improvement topics in which our experts can assist your organization:

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CIRAS provides several related services, including:

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