Continuous improvement experts review a value stream map at an Iowa Lean Consortium training event: Lean.

"The ILC has been a great way to see inside other industries to help us improve.
We have been re-energized and realize that our improvement efforts continue forever."

- Jeff Scandrett, Project Manager, Hy-Vee Construction

Implement Lean Processes in Business

A Lean organization strives to identify and eliminate waste through visual management (making problems visible). A company accomplishes these objectives by first establishing a primary focus on developing its people to be strong team members who are good at problem solving.

CIRAS and the Iowa Lean Consortium work to help Iowa businesses:

CIRAS also will be there for the long term to help:

You can learn more about joining the Iowa Lean Consoritum here, or you can contact ILC Program Director Tracy Schuster.

CIRAS provides several related services, including:

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