A blueprint of the layout of a factory: Operations Management.

"We were looking at the business one way, because we had this 20-something years of experience.
When CIRAS came in, they could look through different eyes, and it became clear to them what we needed to do."

- Dave Conkling, President, Mariposa Foods

Improve Manufacturing Operations

Modern manufacturing is a rapidly-evolving industry, and the complexity involved only grows as a business develops over time. CIRAS experts can help Iowa companies find the tools they need to meet challenges as they arise and plan for the challenges they can’t yet see.

CIRAS provides customized services to help Iowa manufacturers of all sizes gain a better understanding of their factories. We can help create tools and systems to reduce costs and increase output, as well as improve plant layout to make it more productive.

CIRAS helps small manufacturers that are just beginning to grow outside of their current capacities understand best practices in manufacturing management as well as inventory control, equipment purchasing options, and other key issues that growing manufacturers face.

Mid-sized and large Iowa manufacturers face different challenges and typically need help with more advanced assessments of production lines, implementation of key performance indicators (KPIs), proposed layouts, and advanced manufacturing modeling.

CIRAS can provide what each individual company needs. Our services include:

To seek guidance about operations management or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: