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Company leader mentoring an employee.

Leadership Services for Iowa businesses

Many Iowa businesses are born because someone has a good idea, works hard, and finds a way to turn an innovative notion into reality. But eventually, there is often a point when growth brings new complications and challenges that the original entrepreneur never expected they would have to meet.

Leadership can be complicated. That’s why CIRAS offers a wide range of services designed to help decision-makers at Iowa businesses learn what they need to know to move their company in the right direction. From strategy and supply chain management to nurturing innovation and creating the proper culture for attracting employees, CIRAS can help take a company where it needs to go.

Build a Culture of Engaged Employees

CIRAS experts work with Iowa businesses to identify and implement strategic changes that will make a company better at attracting and retaining the best employees. If a company is trying to reduce turnover, develop new leaders, and create a workplace culture where engaged employees are driving profit, CIRAS is here to help throughout the process. … Continue reading Build a Culture of Engaged Employees

Develop and Implement Business Strategy

Any successful journey begins with a good map. That’s why CIRAS provides a variety of services to help Iowa manufacturers develop and implement the right strategies to find new customers and grow sales. CIRAS can facilitate the entire strategic planning process or any portion(s) of the process where a company needs external expertise. Our services … Continue reading Develop and Implement Business Strategy

How to Develop Effective Sustainability Programs

CIRAS, through our partner the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum (ISBF), helps Iowa businesses connect and develop effective sustainability programs. The mission of the ISBF is to connect Iowa businesses to continuously improve practices that positively impact people, planet, and profits. ISBF is a confidential, members-only forum focused on helping environmental, social responsibility, safety, and other … Continue reading How to Develop Effective Sustainability Programs

Implement an Innovation System

Experience tells us that the best innovation strategy for Iowa companies involves a proper mix of innovation, improvement, and line expansion.  Innovations can involve new product development, but also can mean new services, processes, business models, and/or marketing. Innovation services at CIRAS focus on the four main phases of Innovation: Definition: Creating, documenting, refining and … Continue reading Implement an Innovation System

Improve Manufacturing Safety

A safe workplace is a happier and more productive workplace. Iowa manufacturers who take safety seriously see improved worker confidence, increased profitability, a reduction in overall operating costs, and an end to time lost due to accidents. But how can a company be certain they are following appropriate safety regulations and best practices? CIRAS safety … Continue reading Improve Manufacturing Safety

Improve Supply Chain Performance

CIRAS can review a client’s supply chain to assess possible problems and provide education and coaching to improve. We work with Iowa companies on various supply chain management topics including: Sourcing strategy, including determining total cost of ownership (TCO) and evaluating reshoring opportunities Inventory management, education, and improvement Purchasing and supplier management to improve service … Continue reading Improve Supply Chain Performance