The logo of the Iowa Sustainability Business Forum (ISBF) - blue, green, and brown circles: Sustainability.

"We easily received our membership dues back from our first event…this is the focused type of group we were looking for."

- Michele Boney, West Liberty Foods, founding member of ISBF

How to Develop Effective Sustainability Programs

CIRAS, through our partner the Iowa Sustainable Business Forum (ISBF), helps Iowa businesses connect and develop effective sustainability programs.

The mission of the ISBF is to connect Iowa businesses to continuously improve practices that positively impact people, planet, and profits. ISBF is a confidential, members-only forum focused on helping environmental, social responsibility, safety, and other sustainability leaders connect with each other to help solve problems. Programs include:

Key topics of education and training include general business sustainability initiatives, environmental health and safety, waste reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, employee wellness, and more.

To seek guidance with sustainability or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Sustainability lead Paul Gormley.