A schematic of a variety of tools for use in strategic planning: Strategy.

"That’s the great part about CIRAS: You have a group of professionals that are experts in what they do, and you have access to them. Whatever we want help with today, tomorrow, or the next day, it’s there."

- Adam Gold, The Dimensional Group, Mason City

Develop and Implement Business Strategy

Any successful journey begins with a good map. That’s why CIRAS provides a variety of services to help Iowa manufacturers develop and implement the right strategies to find new customers and grow sales.

CIRAS can facilitate the entire strategic planning process or any portion(s) of the process where a company needs external expertise. Our services include:

CIRAS can provide the education and facilitation that an Iowa company needs to draw a new map for the future. Most importantly, we provide the ongoing support required to ensure that everyone arrives at the destination.

To seek guidance with business growth strategies or to schedule an exploratory conversation, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Strategy Specialist Joy Donald.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: