Why Your Organization Should Join the ILC

Get Involved

The Iowa Lean Consortium aims to foster operational excellence within organizations by promoting continuous improvement methodologies and thinking. We facilitate collaborative learning opportunities for our members to share best practices and improve their organization’s efficiencies.

The ILC is designed for organizations and people committed to maintaining a competitive edge in the market by constantly improving operational efficiency, reducing waste, enhancing overall business processes, and sharing lessons learned with each other.

People who benefit most from membership in the ILC have a growth mindset, are willing to ask questions, stay curious just a bit longer than most, and try new approaches. They are eager to share with and learn from other members, actively seek connections, and capitalize on those connections outside of structured ILC events.

Improve Your Operational Efficiency

The ILC brings together people from organizations with a common goal of improving operational efficiency through Lean methods and principles.

Collaborative learning and shared experiences within the consortium can accelerate the implementation of Lean practices in your organization.

Lean thinking and methodologies can help your organization eliminate waste, optimize processes, and enhance productivity.

Knowledge Sharing

The consortium provides a platform for exchanging knowledge and networking with industries and peers with similar challenges.

Your organization will benefit from the diverse perspectives and insights of consortium members, gaining valuable insights into industry best practices.

Your organization can host a learning tour, a mutually beneficial experience for those who host and attend. You can share and celebrate your successes while getting input from others about ways to improve your processes.

Cost Savings

Participating in the Iowa Lean Consortium allows your organization to access shared resources, tools, and best practices and learn from local and national experts, leading to cost savings.

Learning from other consortium members’ experiences can help us avoid common pitfalls, reducing the overall cost of implementing Lean methodologies.

The ILC has agreements with nationally known Lean experts, and we offer our members discounts on training and academies offered by these respected experts.

Continuous Improvement

Regular workshops, training sessions, collaborative projects, and tours within the consortium facilitate a culture of continuous learning and innovation, providing professional development for those who participate.

Your organization can spotlight those leading continuous improvement efforts and tell your organization’s story by encouraging them to speak at ILC events.

Competitive Advantage

Implementing Lean methodologies and staying current with industry best practices will position your organization as an industry leader.

Practicing Lean thinking and methods allows you to adapt quickly to market changes and customer needs, giving you an advantage over your non-Lean competitors.

Don’t take our word for it 

A lot of companies don’t have enormous continuous improvement networks, so it’s great to have these connections. There are opportunities to learn from one another. We’re not competing, and we’re all willing to help.

-Chris Meyers, Agri-Industrial Plastics