Membership Benefits FAQ


Q: We have more than one location, how should we join?

A: Each location can join at the level that makes the most sense for that location. Or, your organization can join at the Platinum level and every employee in the state in which your organization is located will be a member via your Platinum Membership.


Q: How do we pay for our membership?

A: When you complete an application you will choose to either pay via invoice or credit card. If you chose to pay via credit card, look for the link that appears on the page after you submit the application.


Q: Can more than one person at an organization choose a Bronze membership? 

A: No. You will need to choose a membership level that allows for multiple members from the same organization. If someone at your organization already has a Bronze Membership we will work with you to convert the organization’s membership to a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership. Credit will be given for what was paid for the Bronze Membership.


Q: We want to join at the Silver or Gold level but are not sure who the named members will be, what do we do?

A: Join now at the desired level and send an email to with the named members’ name, email, and title.


Q: When does our membership start and end? 

A: Membership begins the day you complete the application and pay for your membership. Memberships are valid through December of the year that you join.


Q: Can we change our membership level?

A: You can move up in level at any time in the year. You will be billed for the difference between the level you are at now and the new level you choose. You can not move down a level until it’s time to renew for the following year.


Q: Someone from our organization wants to attend an event but is not a named member, can they attend?

A: Yes, they can attend at the non-member rate or consider moving up a membership level and they can then attend at the member rate for that and all other events for the remainder of the year. If your organization is a Platinum member, the individual does not need to be named a member; all employees can attend at the member rate.


Q: Can we change named members mid-year?

A: Silver, Gold and Platinum members can transfer memberships to new employees in the event of a job change/new hire. Please email us at to inform us of the change providing the name, title, and email of the new employee and the name of the person who is being replaced.


Q: How do you know if I am a member when I register for an event?  

A: Please register with your work email address, this will allow us to quickly confirm you are a member. If you are not sure if your organization is a member, click here to view the current member list. If you are not sure if you are named member and your organization is a Bronze, Gold, or Silver member, contact us.


Q: When and how do we renew our membership?

A: We send renewal notices in November for the upcoming year and renewal payments are due by January 12.


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