ILC Teams

Do you want to be part of an exciting, creative team working to improve and strengthen the Iowa Lean Consortium? We established two teams to further the mission of the ILC and to broaden participation from our membership. These are working teams, where members are actively involved in meeting the yearly team goals, actively participate in meetings and engage in activities outside of team meetings.

This is a volunteer opportunity to help fulfill the ILC mission of offering a diverse network to share innovative practices through a member-driven consortium while building your network and giving back to the ILC.

Programming Team

The purpose of the Programming Team is to generate innovative ideas regarding the programming the ILC offers, as well as help bring those ideas to life. As a result, this is a working group. Team members will be actively involved in events and programming, which pertains not only to in-person events but online offerings (synchronous, asynchronous), networking opportunities, and things we haven’t thought of yet!

Meeting Information

Lead by: ILC Program Director and 2 ILC member co-leads
Who: ILC Members representing all sectors
Where: Virtual via WebEx
When: Quarterly and sub-teams as needed
Meeting Length: 90 minutes (March, June, September, 2 hours in November to plan 2021 events)

What you’ll do as part of the Programming Team:

  • Actively participate in team meetings
  • Prior to each meeting, collaborate with internal stakeholders in your organization to brainstorm ideas for programming based on your organization’s needs
  • Think outside of your organization – based on your CI network, knowledge of the CI community nationwide, what topics, types of events, speakers are needed to add value to the ILC member experience
  • Generate new programming ideas beyond traditional events
  • Assist with one event per year in addition to the Annual Conference.
    • Contact speaker to inquire about interest (if you have a relationship with the speaker, if not ILC Program Director/CIRAS staff will contact)
    • Assist ILC Program Director and CIRAS Event Team in planning event
    • Attend event and possibly speak at event – welcome and introduction of speaker introduce speaker (if you are willing, this is not required)
  • Help promote ILC programming via your network (inside and outside of your organization)
  • Consider serving on the ILC Annual Conference Planning Team

Membership Team

The ILC membership team is focused on the engagement of current members and growing the ILC by identifying potential members; however, calling on potential members is not required to be a part of this team. The membership team actively engages with members in order to identify current needs and helps current members understand and take advantage of their membership benefits.

Meeting Information:

Lead by: ILC Program Director and 2 member co-leads
Who: ILC Members representing all sectors
Where: Virtual via WebEx
When: Quarterly and sub-teams as needed
Meeting Length: 90 minutes (January, April, July, October)

What you’ll do as a member of this team:

  • Actively participate in team meetings
  • Engage with current members to ensure knowledge of all benefits; call on non-engaged members
  • Actively welcome new members (assigned on a rotating basis)
  • Map the member journey (late 2021, early 2022 project)
  • Identify potential new member benefits
  • Identify potential members (will not be required to call on them)
  • Develop supply chain membership packet for current members to share with supply chain
  • Participate in new membership model PDCA cycles

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