An engineer taking stress data on a product: Product Testing.

"CIRAS provides a great technical resource to companies like ours. They are great partners in helping us achieve our goals."

- Dave Weber, Senior Vice President, Burke Corporation

Test Products in ISU Labs

Part of developing any product or piece of equipment involves checking to see if an item can really do what a company expects it to do. The design and material are carefully chosen, but how can anyone be sure it will work?

CIRAS regularly assists Iowa companies with a wide variety of product testing needs – whether companies are seeking to confirm the capabilities of a new innovation or making certain that problems with a prior version of their particular product have been fixed. CIRAS experts can help a company evaluate testing needs, develop a testing plan, and get the testing completed. Then, we’ll help the business understand and properly use the results.

The majority of testing projects done by CIRAS involve applying forces to a company’s product or part and measuring the deflection caused by the applied force. This type of testing can help the business:

Before any testing takes place, CIRAS experts can guide the company through creation of a testing plan. This will help determine:

To seek guidance about product testing or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Project Manager John Roberts.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: