An engineer developing a 3D model of a product: Laser Scanning.

"We are very happy with the models provided. Thanks again for all your help!"

- Jerry Van Grouw, CIVCO Medical Solutions, Orange City

3D Laser Scanning and CAD Modeling at ISU

A 3D scanner works by first projecting light onto an object or surface, then detecting the reflected light. The scanner then calculates positions and creates data points based on where the light beams fall in relation to each other. This “point cloud” helps a computer visually recreate the surface of an item in a 3D CAD software package.

Benefits of working with 3D laser scanning and other digital design tools include:

CIRAS can help an Iowa business understand the benefits and limitations of this technology and what it might mean for a specific company. We’ll show clients how to obtain 3D models or scan a part to obtain a dimensional study.

To seek guidance about laser scanning or to schedule a no-cost assessment, contact your Regional CIRAS Strategic Advisor or Project Manager Jake Behrens.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: