How Small Manufacturers Can Develop Risk Management Strategies for their Supply Chains

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Details: Small- to Medium-sized manufacturers continue to be more vulnerable to global supply chain disruptions than larger companies. Having to pay more is a difficult dynamic, but cost becomes less important if you can’t deliver a product. As uncertainty has been magnified, it is now essential for you to manage risk by preparing for and adapting to unexpected disruptions in order to increase your resilience and be responsive to customers.

ISU Capstone Program Flyer

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Details: Skilled engineers are essential at innovative companies when it comes to applying new technologies to solve complex problems, develop new product concepts, and create new manufacturing processes. The College of Engineering at Iowa State University offers companies the opportunity to do these things via capstone projects.

Support Structure Development and Initial Results for Metal Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing System

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Details: Metal additive manufacturing (3D Printing) is a powerful tool brought to realization by modern technology. With metal additive manufacturing, an entire new manufacturing tool is now available to companies. One challenge with this tool is the creation of needed support structures for given part geometries. This paper outlines considerations for various support structure options to utilize for different part geometries to reduce build failures.