Business employees engaged in conversation: B2B Networking.

"In general, it was a good way to get information or meet with a large group of people in a short amount of time.
You get in there, and you get it done."

- Brian Nicolet, Vice President, Dee Zee Inc, Des Moines

B2B Networking and Best Practice Sharing for Iowa Businesses

CIRAS B2B Networking programs are structured activities focused on helping Iowa companies develop relationships to improve their businesses. CIRAS and our partners can provide Iowa firms with the right connections at the right time to help them find new customers, new suppliers, and/or answers to important questions.

We offer three types of B2B networking:

To find out which B2B Networking group might be right for you, or to start a peer networking group in your area, contact MEP Director Mike O’Donnell.

CIRAS provides several related services, including: