Supplier Scouting Request Form

INSTRUCTIONS: Please fill out all relevant information to assist us in our search for the supplies/services you seek. The more information you provide will result in a more efficient and complete search. All information submitted is confidential.

NOTE: As a condition of engaging in CIRAS Supplier Scouting, companies agree to provide feedback to CIRAS on the success of the scouting efforts.
(How the item is used)
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(This eliminates duplication of effort in identifying sources already in use.)
Please provide a summary of the research you have conducted. This provides context on where we should begin our research to avoid duplication of effort. We want this information to be value-add for your company.
Please consider what the business impact is in identifying a new/alternate source. For example, will it reduce production line shutdowns/delays; will it help generate new business growth, etc.
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