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Mark E. Reinig

Economic Development 207 N Main Street, PO Box 427Elkader, IA  52043 


Economic Development
Manufacturing Day


BA, Business Administration, Iowa State University, 1983
AAS, Business and Accounting, American Institute of Business, 1982


Mark has more than 33 years in economic development experience in Iowa. Mark develops strategies to strengthen ties between economic development organizations and industry in Iowa and CIRAS. He is involved with promoting and connecting CIRAS statewide to economic development organizations and decision makers. Mark also assists the Economic Development Administration's University Center for Iowa and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership for Iowa, both of which are centered at CIRAS. Mark has been a Certified Economic Developer for more than nine years.

Mark provides economic development organizations with workforce, coaching, and interim management solutions for their organizations, along with economic development assistance to their manufacturing base.
Serving CIRAS from 2003.