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Melissa M. Burant

Supply Chain & Supplier Scouting 1225 E River Dr, #322Davenport, IA  52803 


Supply Chain


Masters of Business Administration from St. Ambrose University, Iowa, 2008
Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University, Arizona, 1996
Level III DAWIA Certified in Contracting


Melissa spent 15 years as an Army civilian prior to joining CIRAS. During this time, she held positions in accounting, supply/logistics and contracting.

When Melissa joined CIRAS, she transitioned to working as an advocate for industry by sharing her extensive knowledge of government policies, procedures, and best practices for proposal development and customer engagement. She worked as a Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) counselor, helping companies understand how to perform better in the government contract market.

Melissa is a Supply Chain Project Manager and leads Supplier Scouting for CIRAS. In this role, she helps companies develop and expand their supplier networks and identify new opportunities.
Serving CIRAS from 2014.