Training Within Industry

What is training within industry?

Training Within Industry (TWI) consists of three standardized programs that teach the essential skills needed by all people responsible for the work of others, regardless of their industry.

Each of the TWI programs is structured with its own four-step method.  An ideal class would include 7-10 participants, who each bring in current day problems for analysis and solution using the appropriate TWI four-step method and a "learn by doing" philosophy.

TWI has three core programs:

  • Job Instruction Training (JI) teaches supervisors how to quickly train employees to do the job correctly, safely, and conscientiously resulting in less scrap and rework, fewer accidents, and less tool and equipment damage.
  • Job Methods Training (JM) teaches supervisors how to produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the manpower, machines, and materials now available.
  • Job Relations Training (JR) teaches supervisors how to build positive employee relations, increase cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolve conflicts.

There are two additional TWI programs:

  • Job Safety Training (JS) provides participants with the education and tools to improve their ability to recognize potential accidents and hazards and implement preventative measures prior to occurrence.
  • Problem Solving (PS) incorporates three core programs and other problem solving tools into a problem solving paradigm.

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What are the benefits of training within industry?

TWI's programs have shown documented improvements to bottom line results such as reduced training time, reduced variation, fewer accidents, less scrap and rework, less tool and equipment damage, improved morale, fewer grievances, and increased job satisfaction.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS can provide a TWI Institute certified trainer in job instruction, job methods, job relations, job safety, and problem solving who can deliver the TWI programs and work with you through your TWI implementation.

What is my next step?

Contact this staff member to see what CIRAS can do for you.

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Last updated: 8/5/2013