Advanced Contracting Services

What is advanced contracting services?

Advanced Contracting services help clients take their government contracting pursuits to the next level, addressing unique situations and opportunities that are found in the government marketplace.

What are the benefits of advanced contracting services?

Working with CIRAS on complex government contracting issues allows your business to focus on your area of expertise while leveraging CIRAS' extensive network, research capability, and knowledge to improve your success.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS will provide customized training and one-on-one counseling to assist clients in their understanding of advanced contracting topics. Beyond your initial registrations and comprehension of bid opportunities, CIRAS will meet with you to understand your specific goals and leverage our diverse experiences to maximize your contracting potential.

Assistance can be provided in many areas, including the following:

  • GSA Schedules
  • Forecasting
  • Commercial Item Acquisition
  • Team/Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Types of Contracts
  • Referrals to Other Partners
  • Mentor/Protégé Program

What is my next step?

Contact this staff member to see what CIRAS can do for you.

Julie A. Fagle319-310-8612


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Last updated: 9/23/2013