Product Design

What is product design?

Product design includes design capture, modeling, analysis, prototype development, and developmental testing of new and existing products.

What are the benefits of product design?

Among other things, implementing product design can

  • attract new customers with an improved, larger product line.
  • retain current customers through continuous product improvement.
  • identify alternate designs.
  • determine and reduce product limitations.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS can provide limited product design assistance or guidance for companies having specific technical issues with a new or existing product.  CIRAS can also discuss how engineers can benefit your company.

What CIRAS can not do?

CIRAS does not provide total or ongoing product design, nor assist in designing process equipment.  In addition CIRAS does not provide product endorsement, stress analysis, structural analysis, drafting or solid modeling services, review product design or safety, nor provide the services of a professional engineer.

What is my next step?

Product design assistance is offered based on availability and capability of resources and staff.  Contact these staff members to see what CIRAS can do for you.

Chris H. Hill515-313-8251
John Roberts515-294-0932


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Last updated: 9/20/2013