Teaming, Joint Venturing, and the SBA’s Mentor Protégé Programs!

Sometimes, one plus one equals a lot more than two. Teaming, Joint Venturing and the SBA’s Mentor-Protégé programs all are popular trends in government contracting because they make companies stronger together than they are individually – whether you’re a large business looking to leverage small business partner’s eligibility, or a small business looking to supplement your own performance and competitive edge. Partnering strategies can greatly increase your access to contracts. But are they really right for you?

Join experienced government contracting attorney Maria Panichelli for this webinar detailing how to properly implement these partnering tools. She will explain the difference between teaming and joint ventures, how to determine whether they fit your business, and how to avoid the serious problems that could come if you violate the strict legal requirements governing how these partnerships can be used.

Maria will provide strategies for forming a successful team or a joint venture, as well as tips on how to draft enforceable and compliant teaming or joint venture agreements. The webinar will also include a primer on the SBA Mentor-Protégé programs.

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