How to do Business with the Iowa Department of Transportation

Did you know that the Iowa DOT has two totally different offices for companies to do business? The Purchasing Section and the Office of Contracts both exist within the Iowa DOT, but do not intersect. They each have their own registrations and bidding process.

When you attend this webinar, you will hear about how to do business with

1. The Purchasing Section – Responsible for the procurement of equipment, materials, supplies, and services the Iowa DOT’s operations. The purchasing section annually procures $70 million worth of goods and services for all six agency divisions including the central warehouse in Ames, which stocks more than 6,000 different items for use by agency and political subdivisions.

2. The Office of Contracts – Focuses on highway and bridge construction lettings which typically include interstate, primary and secondary road work, and maintenance projects. Their responsibilities also include lettings from some local projects that involve federal aid.

Both fulfill the agency’s transportation mission. Learn about the separate registration and solicitation opportunities to a wide variety of suppliers, contractors, or service providers.

This will be presented by Mary Zimmerman, CIRAS, and Danny Stokes, Management Analyst with the Office of Contracts at the Iowa Department of Transportation​

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