About the Iowa Lean Consortium


Iowa Lean Consortium LogoThe Iowa Lean Consortium is a dynamic, member-driven non-profit dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. Driven by members’ needs, the ILC can provide the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today’s business challenges through members serving members. Sectors include but are not limited to: manufacturing, service/transaction, businesses, education, healthcare, and government. 

Learn more about the ILC’s driving factors below.


OUR VISION: Drive competitive performance improvements by expanding Lean culture and sharing lessons learned.


OUR MISSION: We (ILC) aspire to be a national leader in promoting a culture of operational excellence. Members connect with each other through world-class learning and networking opportunities.



Continuous Improvement
Quality – Safety – Cost – Delivery – Morale (QSCDM)

Engaged membership
Sharing, networking, volunteering time, talent, space, and resources

Cross Sector Participation
Varying levels of knowledge and experience with Lean and levels within organizations

Integrity and Trust
Foundation for sharing among competitive organizations, businesses, and consultants

Collaborative Learning
Hands-on, experiential learning, teaching/coaching/mentoring

Cultural Transformation
Everyone, every way, every day

We welcome members from ALL sectors of the economy. CLICK HERE to learn more about joining the ILC.