Kentucky Tour

Kentucky Toyota Tour and Workshop with Mike Hoseus

Are you curious to see how Lean is practiced at the company that helped create it? The Iowa Lean Consortium’s Kentucky LeanTour will explore the best practices in Lean leadership by taking ILC members on an in-depth walking tour of the largest Toyota plant in the world.

This event will be led by Mike Hoseus, executive director of the Center of Quality People & Organizations and co-author of the book Toyota Culture. Participants will be granted unparalleled access to the factory floor of Toyota’s largest plant. You’ll get a first-hand view of Toyota’s culture of continuous improvement and leadership development programs, and you’ll create a tangible action plan on how to take your own Lean program to the next level.

Registration for this August 18-20 event also includes a tour of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery, but it does not include transportation to Kentucky or hotel accommodations. This event is for ILC members only.

If you/your organization renewed your membership for 2020 you can REGISTER HERE .