Host an ILC Event

When possible, we like to host our learning opportunities at member organizations. Doing this helps us keeps the costs low for attendees and provides many great benefits for the host organization. When your organization hosts an event your organization will receive the right to reserve 25% of the seats at the event and a 25% discount on those seats for paid events.

The ILC/CIRAS team does most of the heavy lifting for the event. We take care of registration, marketing, name tags, copies, food etc. We just need you to provide the space and possibly some AV if it is available. We can often bring our own projector, flip charts, markers. etc. We will ask your team to help with parking instructions and food recommendations based on vendors your team typically uses. Your organization will also have the opportunity to welcome attendees and talk briefly about your organization.

Interested in hosting an event? CLICK HERE to tell us about your facility. We will add you to our database of hosts and will contact you when your facility matches the needs of an event.

Have an idea for a speaker or topic and want to share the cost of bringing someone to your facility? Let us know!