ILC Radio Network

Your host for the ILC Radio Network is Steve Wilson, Strategic Advisor for CIRAS.  Prior to joining CIRAS he was founder, president and chief strategist at Zoned Strategies, a training and consulting company dedicated to helping companies grow by partnering with them to improve their people, their processes, their products, and the companies they serve. Steven has certifications from ASQ-Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt; University of Michigan College of Engineering: Lean; Leadership Management International.  He is a trainer and facilitator with more than 20 years of implementation and application experience.

The ILC Radio Network serves as a platform for communicating the best and brightest strategies, methods, and tools for all those on the journey of lean and operational excellence. Join Steve as he interviews some of the world’s most well known and influential Lean and Continuous Improvement leaders, practitioners, authors and educators.

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EPISODE 1 – Interview with Teresa Hay Mcmahon (2017)

EPISODE 2 – Launching A Lean Transformation with Jeff Cox (Posted 2017, Originally Aired In 2010)

EPISODE 3 – Steve Bell: Lean IT & Data Quality

EPISODE 4 – Mark Graban – Practicing Lean, Lean Healthcare & Lean’s Current State (2017)

EPISODE 5 – Tom Lawless: Lean Transformations – What Lean Is and Isn’t – Zoned Strategies (2017)

EPISODE 6 – Joseph Paris & Rick Hulse: State of Readiness & Operational Excellence – Taking CI to the Next Level (2017)

EPISODE 7 – Jamie Flinchbaugh: Building Your Lean Leadership Operating System (2017)

EPISODE 8 – Jeff Dahm: The ILC – It’s Progress and Vision for Growth (2017)

EPISODE 9 – Family and Friends Can Be Much Better Than Medicine: A Discussion with Matt Garcia of Western Home Communities (2017)

EPISODE 10 – Lean Service Design, Sales and Marketing….A visit with Joe Dager

EPISODE 11 – Respect for People…The Harada Method – Norman Bodek

EPISODE 12 – Jim Bowie: Lean Acres

EPISODE 13 – Ellen Domb: Using Your Resources to Optimize Problem Solving

EPISODE 14 – Jim Benson & Tonianne Demaria

EPISODE 15 – Tracey & Ernie Richardson – Solving the Engagement Equation

EPISODE 16 – Cory Kerndt – Everyone. Everyday. Go Beyond

EPISODE 17 – Brion Hurley of Lean Six Sigma for Good

EPISODE 18 – Tommy Chance – Danfoss

EPISODE 19 – Joe Parish – Operational State of Readiness, Operational Excellence

EPISODE 20 – Jim Morgan, Senior Advisor, Product And Process Development Lean Enterprise Institute and 2019 Annual Conference Keynote Speaker

EPISODE 21 – Drew Dudley, Speaker and Author Founder & Chief Catalyst Of Day One Leadership, Inc and 2019 Annual Conference Keynote Speaker

EPISODE 22 – Retired Brigadier General, Rebecca Halstead and 2018 ILC Annual Conference Keynote Speaker – Part 1

EPISODE 23 – Retired Brigadier General, Rebecca Halstead and 2018 ILC Annual Conference Keynote Speaker – Part 2

EPISODE 24 – What Is CIRAS Doing to Help Iowa Business?

EPISODE 25 – How to Protect Your Business during This Time of Uncertainty

EPISODE 26 – Supply Chain Disruptions and What We Are Seeing

EPISODE 27 – Candice Frost