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Radio Frequency Identification

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What is radio frequency identification (RFID)?

RFID technology greatly improves the management of inventory by providing hands-off processing.  The equipment quickly accounts for and identifies massive inventories, enhancing the processing of material transactions to allow companies and the United States Department of Defense to realign resources and streamline business processes.

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What are the benefits of RFID?

Implementation of RFID minimizes time spent through the normal means of inventory processing.  This technology allows the improvement of data quality, items management, asset visibility, and maintenance of material.  Further, RFID will enable companies and the DoD to improve business functions and facilitate all aspects of the supply chain.

The new policy requires suppliers to put passive RFID tags on the lowest possible piece part/case/pallet packaging, effective January 2005.  RFID policy and the corresponding RFID tagging/labeling of the DoD material are applicable to all items except bulk commodities such as sand, gravel or liquids.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

With tools provided by the United States Department of Defense, the CIRAS procurement team can give you an overview of the RFID process, its benefits in the supply chain, and how it can improve your company's inventory process and profits.

What is my next step?

Contact the following staff members to see what CIRAS can do for you:
Western Iowa: Gordon Bonnes 712-308-2229
Central Iowa: Pam Russenberger 515-509-7814
Northeast Iowa: Julie Fagle 319-310-8612
Southwest Iowa: Beth White 563-370-2166