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TOC Workshops

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CIRAS has been conducting introductory TOC training since 1996. More than 1000 employees of over 100 Iowa companies have attended the various training courses. CIRAS staff have completed a significant amount of training themselves, including “Jonah” training, “Jonah’s Jonah” training from the Goldratt Institute and, most recently certification training in multi-project management from the Product Development Institute.

TOC workshops are offered to the public or in customized versions for in-house training on the following topics.
Introduction to TOC: "What is the Goal?"
Insights into TOC Finance and Measures
Insights into TOC Operations Managment
Insights into TOC Project Management
Insights into TOC Supply Chain & Distribution
Operations Management L2: Details of Drum/Buffer/Rope
Project Management L2: Details of Critical Chain
Throughput Accounting
Thinking Processes, Practical Application of the TP

"Change the way you measure a worker but don’t explain why, and nobody will be able to predict how she/he will behave – not even the worker!"


- Eli Goldratt