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Transition Tree (TrT)

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When using the Thinking Processes, the third of 3 questions you should ask  is:

  • "How to cause the change?"

The wording here is very important! Note that it does not ask 'how to change things?' The emphasis is on causing the change to happen. Since people tend to be less resistant to changes that they helped design, the key is to involve the people who will have to execute the changes in a meaningful way.

Negative branches and the prerequisite tree are discussed on other pages, as was the evaporating cloud. All three of these mapping tools produce ideas, called injections, about what conditions need to exist in order to produce a solution that will:

  1. Resolve the core conflict that has the organization constrained
  2. Prevent unintended negative consequences that might have been the result of the proposed change
  3. Overcome obstacles to implementation

Once all the additional injections that are necessary to implement the original injection are known, a plan is mapped out. It shows all the actions necessary to achieve successful implementation and shows the interrelationships so that the proper sequence of the actions is clear. The tool used to accomplish this is called the "Transition Tree."

"The cautious seldom err."