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Practical Applications of the Thinking Processes

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This workshop introduces the TOC Thinking Processes and how they can be used separately or in combination to help individuals resolve day-to-day dilemmas.

Each tool is covered in two sessions: taught in the first session; practiced on the job between sessions; and, presented to peers and critiqued in the next session. Evaporating clouds, for example, are taught from case studies in Part 2 of the first session. Participants are then challenged to use the tool in their job during the next week, and personal application examples are shared and critiqued during Part 1 of the next session. A new tool is taught in the second portion of that session and the cycle repeats. A brief outline of the 7 sessions follows. 

1.       Part 1: Overview of TP, logical mapping and scrutiny
Part 2: Win/win solutions to conflict – the Evaporating Cloud

2.       Part 1: Personal applications of Evaporating Clouds
Part 2: Reaching ambitious targets – Prerquisite Tree

3.       Part 1: Personal applications of Prerequisite Trees
Part 2: Saving good ideas from “Yes, but…” – Negative Branches

4.       Part 1: Personal applications of Negative Branches
Part 2: Fail-safe action plans – Transition Tree

5.       Part 1: Personal applications of Transition Trees
Part 2: Finding the core problem – Current Reality Tree

6.       Part 1: Personal applications of Current Reality Trees
Part 2: Never go anywhere you haven’t been before – Future Reality Tree

7.       Part 1: Personal applications of Future Reality Trees
Part 2: Combining tools and summary

When possible, participants will work in small groups of three. Triad members are encouraged to take co-responsibility for supporting each other, ensuring each other are mastering the knowledge, and practicing the tools between sessions.