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Insights into Supply Chain and Distribution

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Participants will be exposed to the TOC approach to making decisions about supply chains and distribution from an holistic rather than a local perspective. At the end of the session, participants should:

  • Grasp the holistic inter-dependence of the links in a supply chain

  • Be able to evaluate the applicability of the TOC approach to managing supply chains and distribution to the current reality in the supply chains of which they are a part

Topics include:

  • Common practices that lead to unintended negative consequences;

  • Where to warehouse the product;

  • How to have more accurate forecasts;

  • How much inventory should be held;

  • How to synchronize the supply chain;

  • How it works for an internal supply chain.

Companies that have implemented the TOC solution to Distribution & Supply Chain have typically seen the following results within 6 months:

  • Inventory in the system decreases by 50%;

  • Sales increase by 20%;

  • Inventory turns more than double;

  • Internal transfers between regional warehouses drop to almost zero;

  • Obsolescence drops;

  • Little change in operating expense;

  • Significantly improved relationships with suppliers & clients.

The principles taught in this workshop are from a "TOC Insights" self learning program available from Goldratt's Marketing Group: