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Insights into Operations Management

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Participants will be exposed to the TOC approach to making decisions about managing operations from an holistic rather than a local perspective. At the end of the session, participants should:

  • Grasp the holistic inter-dependence of Operations and the other functions in the organization

  • Be able to evaluate the applicability of the TOC approach to operations to the current reality of operations management in their organization

Topics include:

  • Why the sum of all the local improvements do not always equal actual system improvement;

  • How to deal with problems on a system-wide basis;

  • How to identify the system constraint;

  • The basics of TOC’s Drum-Buffer-Rope methodology;

  • How to increase throughput AND improve due-date performance.

Expected MINIMUM results of Drum- Buffer-Rope implementation:

  • WIP down by 30%;

  • Lead-time down by 50%;

  • Late deliveries down by 50%;

  • Increase capacity by 30%.

The principles taught in this workshop are from a "TOC Insights" self learning program available from Goldratt's Marketing Group: