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Evaporating Cloud (EC)

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Evaporating Cloud (EC)

When using the Thinking Processes, the second of 3 questions you should ask  is:

  • "What to change to?"

The first step in determining the answer to this question is to understand why the core problem exists. (Remember that the core problem was found at the base of the logical structure—known as the Current Reality Tree—that was formed to find the constraint of the system.) It is assumed that mangers are not dumb. If there was an easy solution to this core problem, it would have been solved long ago. No, there must be some  conflict that underlies the core problem. Once this core conflict is identified, it is necessary to develop a breakthrough idea (referred to as an "injection") that will resolve the conflict. This is accomplished using a tool known as the "Evaporating Cloud."

The second step in determining "what to change to" is to test your breakthrough idea, your injection, to see if it will have the desired impact on your system. That is, would implementing the injection change the undesirable effects (UDEs) you are now experiencing into desirable effects (DEs)? For more explanation of the Thinking Process that is used to do this, click on Future Reality Tree.

"The view from your current position includes the limitations of all of your current assumptions, your current paradigms, your current prejudices. All of that baggage clouds your vision of what’s possible in the future."


- Belasco and Stayer, Flight of the Buffalo, (Warner Books, 1993)