Hiring Students

Students can provide assistance to companies in a number of ways.  No-cost or low-cost assistance to companies can sometimes be provided by linking company projects with senior-level class design teams.  Your account manager can provide you with information on the availability of student teams for engineering and business projects.

For more in-depth assistance, students can be hired for summer jobs, co-op assignments, internships, or full-time employment.

Permanent Employment

To hire a graduating senior or alum, there are two options in the College of Engineering:

  • Visit Iowa State for a recruiting trip, or participate in the Engineering Career Fair.
  • Post an engineering position opening directly with Engineering Career Services:
    • Register at
      (click the 'Register' tab, complete the form, and click 'Submit.')
    • The online registration will be quickly processed and login information provided.
    • The registered direct employer representative may use logos and enter job descriptions for an unlimited number of positions.

Engineering Career Services is eager to assist with the recruiting needs of employers. There are no fees charged to list positions. Contact them at or call 515-294-2540 if you have questions.

Experiential Education (Temporary or Part-Time)

Engineering students are encouraged to obtain at least three months of professional engineering-related work experience prior to graduation.  Three types of experiential education programs are available:

  • Engineering Co-Op: Semesters of full-time university attendance alternate with semesters of full-time work experience; a minimum of two semesters and one summer is required
  • Engineering Intern: Full-time employment for a fall or spring semester and a summer may be added to the academic semester
  • Summer Engineer: Full-time employment for at least ten weeks

Visit the College of Engineering's Information for Employers site for more details.

In these programs students are provided with planned, pre-professional work assignments for pay. They remain with the same employer throughout the program and are enrolled as full-time students in a non-fee, non-credit course. In order to continue in the program, students are expected to maintain a satisfactory academic and disciplinary record while attending classes at the university and a satisfactory work record while employed.

Additional Career Services

The sites listed below link to the career service offices of many of Iowa's universities and community colleges.

Iowa Community Colleges Map, Iowa Department of Education

Iowa Career Sites

Here are a few of the Iowa-focused career sites available.


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Last updated: 5/24/2013