Product Testing

What is product testing?

Product testing is the branch of engineering concerned with the experimental, developmental, and performance characteristics of a product or product part.  The range of testing projects has no clearly defined boundaries, and can include anything from the application of simple techniques to the development of new methods for testing products or parts.

What are the benefits of product testing?

  • Verify performance.
  • Improve safety, performance, and reliability.
  • Validate product life and durability.
  • Aid with statistical testing to meet quality requirements.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

The majority of testing projects done by CIRAS involve loads or forces applied to the product or part to determine the circumstances under which they may fail.  These efforts include static load testing, in which the magnitude of force is steadily increased, or dynamic load testing, in which a product is subjected to cyclic forces to determine fatigue effects.  CIRAS conducts the majority of these projects at test facilities located on the Iowa State University campus; however, testing is occasionally conducted on-site as well.

What CIRAS can not do?

CIRAS does not provide ongoing or certified product testing.  In addition CIRAS does not provide product endorsement, stress analysis, structural analysis, drafting or solid modeling services, review product design or safety, nor provide the services of a professional engineer.

What is my next step?

Contact these staff members to see what CIRAS can do for you.

Adam J. Boesenberg515-294-5903
John Roberts515-294-0932
Paul Berge515-294-5972


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Last updated: 8/9/2013