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September 2015

Celebrate Manufacturing Statewide

Date/Time: 9/28/2015 - 10/30/2015, 9:00am-3:00pm
Notes: In the statewide effort to Elevate Advanced Manufacturing, CIRAS, Iowa's 15 community colleges and the Iowa Association of Business and Industry lead the endeavor to promote National Manufacturing Day within each of Iowa's 99 counties. Please follow the link to for your local activities.

October 2015

B2G Sales Rock Island Arsenal Series Part 2: Developing a Marketing Strategy for RIA

Date/Time: 10/7/2015, 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Webinar
Notes: Now that you have learned more about the actual structure of the Rock Island Arsenal, and hopefully determined that one or more of the contracting needs suit your company, it's time to discuss marketing! Locating and bidding on opportunities for the RIA (and any other Federal agency) is only part of the game to be truly successful, it has been proven that the most successful Government contractors not only look for opportunities, but also employ a strategic marketing plan for their Government customers. This part 2 of the RIA series' webinar will help you: -Understand why marketing is important to increase opportunities with Federal Government agencies -Understand different marketing materials and tactics that work best with Federal agencies -Understand the best mode of communicating your marketing message and to whom within the organization -Understand some common mistakes businesses make in their marketing approach and how to improve any current materials or presentations -Prepare your company to a potential opportunity to have a pre-set initial meeting face to face with the representatives from the RIA NOTES: -At the completion of part 2, you will be asked to submit your company assessment for the opportunity to have a meeting set up for your company on October 22, 2015 in Bettendorf. If you are unable to attend on that date, or all slots are full, I will be able to help coordinate another future meeting for your company. We are trying to get you started on the right foot with these potential new Government customers, by educating you and setting you up to truly have valuable interactions with the representatives from RIA- Remember any company can have a meeting…but you want to have a long lasting relationship that provides opportunities! After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Brought to you by GoToWebinar® Webinars Made Easy®

Siouxland Lean Consortium October Meeting

Date/Time: 10/7/2015, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Demco Manufacturing, Boyden, IA
Notes: The meeting will be a presentation on Demco's the "WINS with LEAN" following with a plant tour. Please RSVP by Oct 5.

Basic Human Resource Management

Date/Time: 10/13/2015, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Iowa State University, Meat Science Laboraotry, Room 133, Ames IA
Notes: Evening Workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about the advantages of increased training, improved workplace culture and how that can help a manufacturing business. Attendees will discover the impact that human resources management can have on company culture, employee engagement, safety and quality. Attendees will learn about: Attracting the right employees Being competitive with salary and benefits How to deal with problematic employees How to provide an environment that keeps employees happy, training that keeps them skilled and a healthy workplace culture that keeps everyone productive and safe. Human resource management impacts everyone in your organization. You need to understand how those decisions affect company culture, profitability, safety and quality. We will share ideas on how to develop a strategy for retention and training employees to lessen the threat of worker shortages. You will learn how to prepare for company growth by improving productivity, quality and safety.Hear about best practices, discuss the topics and have a networking opportunity.

Reshoring Mini-Event: Should you be Manufacturing or Sourcing Closer to Home?

Date/Time: 10/13/2015, 5:30pm-8:00pm
Location: Cedar Rapids
Notes: Presentation on the topic of reshoring at the Cedar Valley APICS chapter's Professional Development Meeting.

Manufacturing Day Celebration: Crossroads Inc. Community Open House

Date/Time: 10/14/2015, 9:00am-10:30am
Location: 1424 Houser Street Muscatine, IA 52761
Notes: Crossroads Inc. is a non-profit agency offering employment training, day habilitation, and community living assistance. Their mission is to provide opportunities for adults needing assistance to reach their greatest potential and their vision is to turn disabilities into abilities by helping individuals to live healthy, meaningful lives. Connection to manufacturing? Crossroads Inc. specializes in packaging, distribution, sorting, and small part or hand assemblies. They also have the capabilities for industrial sewing, and small machine operations. One of their main customers is The Hon Company, who outsources a large portion of their sorting, packaging and labeling. Crossroads is potential subcontractor for companies with manufacturing operations. Not only are they a lower cost option with high quality expectations, but they are providing job and growth opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities. Crossroads is also an Ability One certified company, which provides opportunities for preference in the Federal Government market sector, therefore manufacturing companies may find good partnering opportunities. The open house will provide community organizations as well as regional companies to view the facility and truly understand the breadth of capabilities that Crossroads Inc. has to offer. For more information on the event, contact Beth White at

Simply Soothing Open House- Manufacturing Day Event

Date/Time: 10/15/2015, 10:30am-1:00pm
Location: 113 E Walnut St, Columbus Junction, IA 52738
Notes: An Open House event at Simply Soothing's manufacturing facility to highlight their operations in support of Manufacturing Day. Contact Melissa Burant at to register.

Packaging Short Course: Fundamentals And Emerging Technologies In Analysis, Material Sceince And Food Quality/Safety

Date/Time: 10/19/2015 - 10/20/2015, 8:00am-5:00pm
Location: Iowa State University Packaging Laboratory and the Center for Crop Utilization Research Auditorium in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Building, Ames IA
Notes: CIRAS, in collaboration with the ISU Packaging Laboratory offers a two-day short course for anyone who manufactures food, supplements, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, pet food, or animal feed product. This course is for professionals in any of the above industries (or their suppliers) who have responsibility for food safety, quality, R&D, and/or supply chain management. Attendees will discover how successful use of packaging technology can optimize cost and greatly improve product quality and safety Covered topics will include Basics of packaging: glass, metal, plastic, paper Selection and testing advances in packaging materials Film/Flexible packaging technologies and rigid/sheet packaging technologies Product specifications and material selection Cost-optimization strategies Perishable food packaging, strategies to increase shelf life Product packaging interaction; how the customer sees the package food quality analysis Analysis tailored to your products This is the short course is for you if you want to learn how to analyze your packaging, learn about emerging packaging technology and the importance of how packaging interacts with consumers, you need to develop your strategy for safety and regulatory aspects of plastics in food packaging or your company wants to improve shelf life and product quality by using the correct packaging. This is a course where you learn, discuss the topics, and have hands-on laboratory experience with leading researchers

Welcome to the HACCP Workshop for Meat, Poultry and Egg Plants

Date/Time: 10/22/2015 - 10/24/2015
Location: Iowa State University Meat Laboratory
Notes: A HACCP workshop will be held at the Iowa State University Meat Laboratory October 22-24, 2015. The course is designed to review the philosophy and principles of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system and to discuss how to implement HACCP in plants. This HACCP training program is consistent with the intent and scope of the USDA, FSIS regulation.

B2G Sales Rock Island Aresenal Part 3: Meet the Customer

Date/Time: 10/22/2015, 8:00am-12:00pm
Location: ISU Scott County Extension Office, 875 Tanglefoot Lane, Bettendorf, IA 52722
Notes: One on One marketing meetings with Rock Island Arsenal personnel. Participation is by invitation only and attendance of Part 1 and 2 webinars is required. For more information on the series please contact Beth White

8(a) Best Practices Discussion Group

Date/Time: 10/23/2015, 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: Iowa Association of Business and Industry, ABI Conference Room, 400 East Court Ave Suite 100 Des Moines, IA
Notes: Event provides a venue for certified 8(a) companies to interact and learn best practices from other Iowa companies. Great opportunity for companies to discuss challenges and potential solutions based on others' experiences within the program. Also appropriate for companies considering 8(a) certification. Facilitated by CIRAS and the Iowa Small Business Administration. For more information or to sign up please contact Beth White

2015 Iowa Lean Consortium Fall Conference

Date/Time: 10/27/2015 - 10/28/2015, 1:00pm-4:00pm
Location: Airport Holiday Inn – 6111 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa 50321
Notes: The Pre-conference’s diverse ½ day workshops and company tours will provide focused, in-depth learning opportunities the day before the full conference. This is a NEW addition to the ILC Fall Conference schedule in 2015. Conference Purpose: Join private and public business leaders to discuss collaboration and innovation using Lean continuous improvement principles and methods to improve organizational effectiveness. The Conference will include two keynote speakers (Paul Akers & Karl Wadensten) and 8 informational breakout sessions across healthcare, services, government, education, manufacturing, finance, and other businesses on how Lean leaders and practitioners are using Lean to change their culture and improve their way of doing business.

GovCon 101: R3 Refreshers, Reminders and Re-Do’s

Date/Time: 10/27/2015, 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Webinar
Notes: This session is perfect for companies that have either dabbled in Government contracting or tried at one point to pursue the market, but something happened, you are still interested but kind of lost. While we won't get into tons of details, the workshop will provide enough information to refresh your memory of how to navigate some of the Government contracting maze, remind you of steps you can be taking, and give you a fresh start and re-do with Government contracting. This webinar will be provided the 4th Tuesday of every month at 8:30, so come as much as you need!

November 2015

LeanWise SE Peer Group Meetings

Date/Time: 11/10/2015, 10:00am-2:00pm
Location: Hill Phoenix
Notes: Managers/executives looking for: An opportunity to develop strengths (knowledge, skills and talents) to fully fill your role in the driver’s seat A safe place to share challenges and opportunities Unvarnished advice from a group of trusted peers A group that understands your world and can help you guide through it A process to help you find you own answers to challenges before you Meetings are $35/meeting and include lunch Contact Holly Mueggenberg Member Programs Coordinator, Iowa ABI 515.235.0572

Journey to Your Vision

Date/Time: 11/10/2015, 8:00am-9:00am
Location: Iowa Farm Bureau Auditorium 5400 University Ave. West Des Moines, Ia
Notes: Every business faces peaks and valleys as they progress through stages of growth. Do you know what stage your business is in and how you can reach the next level? Attend this valuable one-day seminar to help stack the odds in your favor by understanding the stages of business growth, their unique challenges, and methods to overcome them. Led by Mike Kleis, President - Renaissance Executive Forums of Iowa and Joel Bennett, Lead Consultant - Veel Hoeden Consulting, this “hands-on” event will provide an opportunity to discuss your challenges with other business owners and utilize the collective power of their experience to help you address these barriers head on. Registration is free. Seminar value is $350.00 and is being underwritten by Iowa Farm Bureau and CIRAS. Please note: Iowa Farm Bureau Federation is hosting the event registration process. Please know that any information you provide during the registration process is for event registration purposes only. The registration process consists of a guest account creation then three steps where you will be asked to 1. provide basic personal information; 2. respond to event-related questions and 3. review your information. Once your event registration is complete, you will receive an event registration confirmation email. The link below will direct you to the Iowa Farm Bureau’s website to register for The Journey to Your Vision event. Please contact Connie DeGroote at or via telephone at 800.254.9670 with questions regarding this event. CALL (800) 254-9670 to REGISTER

ILC: Coaching Leadership for a Lean Culture Transformation w/Mike Hoseus

Date/Time: 11/12/2015, 9:00am-4:00pm
Location: Waterloo Center for the Arts, 225 Commercial Street, Waterloo, IA 50701
Notes: Presented by Mike Hoseus, co-author of TOYOTA CULTURE. Most companies embarking on a lean journey soon become frustrated with kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but have no sustainability. They are searching for something more: the culture of continuous improvement with its philosophy, processes, and people aligned to cultivate problem solving. In this workshop Mike will address the top barriers to your lean transformation and what to do about them.

Learn before you leap: Business Considerations for GovCon

Date/Time: 11/17/2015, 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Eastern Central Intergovernmental Association, 7600 Commerce Park, Dubuque, IA
Notes: Have you considered Government contracting for a potential sales prospect? Are you unsure whether it is a market you can/should expend resources for and pursue? This session will provide a 30,000 foot view of Government contracting, providing companies with the right things to consider before they pursue this market. You will also have the opportunity to meet your CIRAS Government Contracting Specialist that is available and a resource to assist your companies on a one on one basis for Government contracting. To register, contact Beth White at

GovCon 101: R3 Refreshers, Reminders and Re-Do’s

Date/Time: 11/24/2015, 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Webinar
Notes: This session is perfect for companies that have either dabbled in Government contracting or tried at one point to pursue the market, but something happened, you are still interested but kind of lost. While we won't get into tons of details, the workshop will provide enough information to refresh your memory of how to navigate some of the Government contracting maze, remind you of steps you can be taking, and give you a fresh start and re-do with Government contracting. This webinar will be provided the 4th Tuesday of every month at 8:30, so come as much as you need!