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Biomass Coordinators and Information on Biobased Products

Regional Contacts

The Department of Energy’s Biomass Program maintains state and regional partnerships primarily through the National Biomass State and Regional Partnerships. Each regional organization provides leadership in its region with regard to policies and technical issues in order to advance the use of biomass.

Pacific Regional Biomass Energy Program
Kim Penfold
USDOE Western Regional
Office (206) 553-2166

Western Regional Biomass Energy Program
Gayle Gordon
Western Governor’s Association

Great Lakes Regional Biomass Energy Program
Fred Kuzel
Council of Great Lakes Governors
(312) 407-0177

Southeast Regional Biomass Energy Program
Kathryn Baskin
Southern States Energy Board
(770) 242-7712

Northeast Regional Biomass Energy Program
Rick Handley
CONEG Policy Research Center, Inc.
(202) 624-8464 

State Contacts

The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) lists the biomass coordinator (sometimes called "renewable energy program manager") in state government energy offices. Go to and click on "State/Territory Energy Offices" in the site guide for an interactive U.S. map.

Other Government Organizations

USDA Biobased Products and Bioenergy Coordination Council promotes and facilitates the marketing of biobased products and has current information regarding the federal biobased products program.

USDA-Cooperative Extension Service Offices.  Each state has a state cooperative extension office that can provide information regarding biobased products.


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Last updated: 9/15/2016