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An Exploration of Green Job Policies
An Exploration of Green Job Policies, Theoretical Underpinnings, Measurement Approaches, and Job Growth Expectation

Biobased Soy Spray Foam Insulation Protects in Flood-Prone Areas
Biobased Products approved by FEMA

Biobased Products and the LEED Rating System
(Hosted by permission of the Journal of Green Building
An overview of biobased product legislation and applicability of biobased products to the LEED rating system.

Applications of Biocomposites in Building Industry
Discusses advantages and disadvantages of biocomposites in building industry

BioPlastics: Coming to an RFQ Near You
Innovations in bioplastics are creating opportunities for multiple industries.

Do Bio-Based Products Move Us Toward Sustainability?: A Look at Three USEPA Case Studies
Three studies applying LCA and LCI assessment to product evaluation

Drivers & Rationale for Use of Biobased Materials Based on Life Cycle Assessment
Examines drivers and rationale for usage of biobased polymer materials

Fundamental Principles and Concepts of Biodegradability – Sorting through the Facts, Hypes, and Claims of Biodegradable Plastics in the Marketplace
An overview paper by Dr. Ramani Narayan on biodegradability published in BioPlastics Magazine.

GREENING FEDERAL FACILITIES: An Energy, Environmental, and Economic Resource Guide for Federal Facility Managers and Designers
Outlines steps to promote sustainable design in Federal facilities

Health, safety, and ecological implications of using biobased floor-stripping products.
The ecological, health, and safety impacts of using biobased and non-biobased floor strippers are compared (abstract only) May 2007 issue.

High Performance Commercial Buildings: A Technology Roadmap
Building industry representatives discuss strategies addressing current commercial environmental challenges

Life Cycle Risks for Human Health: A Comparison of Petroleum versus Bio-Based Production of Five Bulk Organic Chemicals
Compares production risks of bio-based and petroleum-based chemicals

More State Require 'Green' Cleaning Products
Despite potential costs, states are passing legislation requiring schools and government buildings to use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Roadmap to Sustainable Government Buildings
Compilation of resources aimed at governmental green building programs

Sustainable Bio-Composites from Renewable Resources: Opportunities and Challenges in the Green Materials World
Looks at opportunities for further development of bio-composites

Technical Performance Evaluation of the Potential Biobased Floor Strippers
Results on the technical performance of 14 potential biobased floor strippers are presented.

Industry Reports

2011 Iowa Biobased Consumer Survey report
Iowa consumer response survey about biobased products.

Biobased Economy Indicators
A Report to the U.S. Congress - September 2011

Development of a Purchasing Managers' Index for Biobased Products
CIRAS Pilot Project Report

Biobased Products Survey 2010
Results of a National Survey of Biobased Product Companies

Biobased Products Survey 2008
Results of a National Survey of Biobased Product Companies

Biobased Roof Coatings and Membranes for US Capitol
Overview of biobased roof coatings and membrane materials available commercially in the US in 2011


CIRAS Project Manager Jessica Riedl Discusses Importance of BioPreferred (mp3, 1.1 MB)
Credit: Chad Moyer, KTIC - Rural Radio Network, West Point, NE

Applications of Biocomposites in Building Industry
Looks at opportunities for further development of bio-composites

Relevant Books

Title: Biorenewable Resources: Engineering New Products from Agriculture
Author: Robert C. Brown
Published: Ames, Iowa: Iowa State Press, 2003

Title: The Biobased Economy of the Twenty-First Century: Agriculture Expanding into Health, Energy, Chemicals, and Materials
Editors: Allan Eaglesham, William F. Brown, and Ralph W.F. Hardy
Published: Ithaca, NY: National Agricultural Biotechnology Council, 2000

Title: The Green Multiplier: A Study of Environmental Protection and the Supply Chain
Author: Lutz Preuss
Published: Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

Title: Biobased Industrial Products: Research and
Commercialization Priorities

Author: Commission on Life Sciences
Published: Washington DC: National Academies Press, 2000


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