LEED Primer

A basic introduction to LEED, along with some strategies that biobased product manufacturers can use to increase the visibility of their products for potential LEED projects.

Overview of LEED Rating Systems

A brief summary of the LEED rating systems (as of 2011) is provided, and the role of biobased products in LEED is discussed.

Projects Using Biobased Materials to Attain LEED Credits

Examples of federal projects attaining LEED credits by using biobased materials are provided.


Green Building Market and Impact Report 2010

A wide range of issues pertaining to LEED and associated environmental and marketing trends are discussed.

Biobased Products and the LEED Rating System

(Hosted by permission of the Journal of Green Building http://www.collegepublishing.us/journal.htm)
A publication in the Journal of Green Building that provides an overview of biobased product legislation and the applicability of biobased products to the LEED rating system.

Dealing with Wood and Biobased Materials in the LEED Rating System

A white paper to the USGBC Board which discusses proposed changes to wood and rapidly renewable credits in the LEED rating system.


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Last updated: 8/19/2013