Biobased Products.


The bioindustry sector is growing through collaborations between businesses, communities, and Iowa State University. The goal of the Iowa State University bioindustry initiative is to help the world, and Iowa in particular, transition from a hydrocarbon-based economy to a "bioeconomy."

The hydrocarbon-based economy served the developed countries of the world well in the past, providing power, fuels, and products at a reasonable cost. Despite its impressive track record, however, sustainability of a hydrocarbon economy is now in question. Potential problems include interrupted supply, skyrocketing prices, environmental impacts of extraction and use, and increased demand for industrial and consumer power, fuels and products.

A move to a strong bioindustry may ease the threats of a hydrocarbon-based economy. Sustainable economic development in the 21st century will require replacing many petroleum-based products with biobased products made from materials such as crops and agricultural residues. The mission of the CIRAS bioindustry team is to help businesses and communities develop, market, and use agricultural crops for the production of biobased products and energy.

CIRAS staff can provide assistance in the following areas:


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Last updated: 5/24/2013