Supplier Measurement and Communication

What is supplier measurement and communication?

Supplier measurement and communication is the process of understanding how your suppliers meet the needs of your business and effectively communicating it to them. Developing supplier measurements includes understanding what is important to your business, selecting measurements that are easy to capture, and combining them in a simple format. Typical supplier measurements include measuring delivery and quality performance, but strong systems go beyond those basics to include critical business items such as price performance, customer service, and many more. Communicating with suppliers is more than simply sending metrics - rather it is setting the stage with clear expectations; encouraging an environment of factual, constructive discussions; and driving toward mutual improvement.

What are the benefits of supplier measurement and communication?

An effective supplier measurement and communication system is the foundation for all supply chain management activities. Setting internal expectations and measuring supplier performance to those expectations provides data that let you make important strategic supply decisions. Accurate measurements of supplier performance can help you more effectively plan your purchasing to reduce late parts. Best of all, simply communicating performance expectations and actual results to suppliers usually translates into improved performance.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS can work with your company to educate you on the fundamentals of supplier measurement and communication, help you improve your current supplier measurement system, or facilitate development of a new supplier measurement system.

What is my next step?

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Last updated: 8/2/2013