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What is Eureka! Winning Ways?

Eureka! Winning Ways is a research-based program that helps manufacturing leaders significantly grow their businesses.   It is a simple, disciplined, and proven idea-creation and deployment methodology that quickly identifies, validates, and prioritizes new and old ideas that increase top-line revenues.

Developed by the Eureka Ranch team and delivered by a CIRAS E!WW growth coach, Eureka! Winning Ways is the only program of its kind.   It has been customized and refined specifically for U.S. small and medium-sized manufacturers.  And, presently, it is making a dramatic difference in how companies across the nation are growing their top-line sales.

Eureka! Winning Ways helps your company generate measurably smarter ideas for growth, scientifically tests those ideas for message clarity, and provides action planning and coaching for your company.

What are the benefits of Eureka! Winning Ways?

You’ll walk away with a process that can be used over and over. You will learn how to:

  • invigorate your team toward action and ownership.
  • explore ideas for growth with a structured, challenging process.
  • sort and filter ideas to identify those worth pursuing.
  • develop a disciplined action plan that will either move ideas into production, or eliminate them before they waste time and resources unnecessarily.
  • prioritize concepts that require valuable resources in the company.
  • ignite the cycle of growth.

Our guarantee: you’ll generate two ideas worth working on, or, at no additional cost, we work with you until you do.  Our promise is backed by both the Eureka! Ranch and the power of the MEP Network.

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS' local growth coach can bring the power of this process directly to your company to facilitate the growth of your top-line sales.

What is my next step?

Contact this staff member to see what CIRAS can do for you: