Finite Element Analysis

What is finite element analysis?

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a technique for predicting the responses of structures and materials to environmental factors such as force, heat, and vibration.  The process starts with the creation of a geometric model, which is then divided into smaller shapes connected at specific nodal points.  In this manner, stress-strain relationships are more easily approximated.  Finally, the material behavior and boundary conditions are applied to each element, and the analysis is performed.

What are the benefits of finite element analysis?

Implementing finite element analysis can

  • speed development of new products
  • reduce costs to develop new products
  • provide greater product reliability
  • improve quality
  • increase product life
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • assist with development of testing processes
  • improve the product fabrication process
  • allow for examination of "what if" design scenarios

What can CIRAS do for my company?

CIRAS will educate Iowa manufacturers in finite element analysis technology, as well as helping with its assessment and implementation.  The Engineering Team will work with clients to evaluate possible applications of FEA in product development and analysis, including a free on-site assessment.

What is my next step?

Contact this staff member to see what CIRAS can do for you.

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Last updated: 8/9/2013